Best News Ever: Meryl Streep Is Joining the Cast of 'Big Little Lies'

And you thought the show couldn't get any better. 🙌

Amazing news, Big Little Lies fans: You thought the HBO miniseries couldn't get any better, and then the show adds a new addition: goddamn Meryl Streep. Yes, the iconic Meryl Streep will play Mary Louise Wright—the mother of Kidman's on-screen abusive husband Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgard)—in the next season.

This is a big score for the HBO drama, who recently revealed the show would be returning for a second season after much delay from the network. Streep has earned the most Academy Award nominations ever, and was recently nominated for her latest movie, The Post. So you know it's going to be good.

The original Big Little Lies cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley—though there's been no confirmation yet on whether Kravitz and Woodley will definitely return for the seven-episode season. Either way, please join us in hardly containing our excitement with this insanely amazing news.

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