Amy Poehler Hopes J.Lo Isn't Mad at Her Because She's a Better Dancer

Amy appeared on The Tonight Show for a game of "Truth or Truth."

Amy Poehler dropped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night, treating viewers to a game of "Truth or Truth" which involved some pretty eye-opening revelations, including her amazing Gmail password. 

When host Jimmy Fallon asked Amy "what's your biggest fear?" Amy opened up about a dark prospect that likely haunts us all. (You must watch her face throughout this, because it is hilarious.) 

"Being mistaken for J-Lo," she said. "Then being asked to dance. And dancing better than J-Lo. And J-Lo being angry." 

"I don't want J-Lo to be angry at me," Amy said. "That's my biggest fear." 

Then, in an equally funny moment, Amy decided to share with the world her Gmail password.

"PizzaHutMonkeyButt.orgy," she replied. This is so embarrassing, because that's mine too. 

Amy and Jimmy also had some fun during the commercial break dissecting the love lives of Chuck and Carrie, who are not married (or are they?). Watch below:

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