Watch Adele Break Down During Her Performance in NYC

We are no match for you, Adele.

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Update, 12/15: Last night, NBC broadcasted a taping of Adele performing at Rockefeller Center in November. The emotional 45-minute set included heartbreaking ballads from her new album, 25, as well as favorites from 21 and her Oscar-winning hit, "Skyfall." Watch the beautiful set below and just try not to cry when she breaks down after singing "When We Were Young," around the 36:00 mark: "Oh, I'm glad you like it...I've honestly missed you all so much." 

Original Post, 12/4: Clear your calendar for Monday, December 14: Adele: Live in New York City airs at 10 PM EST on NBC. She's set to perform standouts from her record-smashing new album, 25, in the hour-long special, produced by Saturday Night Live's Lorne Michaels. Watch Adele prep for the evening below.

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