Lane Posted a Photo About the 'Gilmore Girls' Revival and Now Everyone Is Freaking Out

What does this mean?!

Warner Bros

Netflix and Warner Bros. still have yet to confirm the rumor that four brand-new, 90-minute episodes of Gilmore Girlswill be coming to the streaming provider, but the evidence that this is a thing that is actually happening is mounting. In October, Lauren Graham tweeted that she could neither confirm nor deny the revival reports: 

Then, in early January, photos began to appear on social media showing holding signs on some beloved Stars Hollow sets. 

Now, Keiko Agena (aka Lane), has shared a photo of herself with Gilmore Girls producer Helen Pai, along with this cryptic caption: "With the REAL LIFE Lane Kim, Helen Pai. Good things are coming…"


Still, all of this eye-batting can't be for nothing. It MUST be happening. 

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