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Amy Schumer Thinks the Royal Wedding Will "Suck"

"There's so much pressure... Can you imagine having a worse wedding?"

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Amy Schumer enjoyed a recent low-key wedding with a close group of friends, so she imagines that the upcoming royal wedding might hold a lot of pressure for Meghan Markle, and could end up being about everyone else rather than the royal bride-to-be.

The comedian and I Feel Pretty star—who married chef Chris Fischer in February—was asked what she thought about Prince Harry's and Meghan's Windsor wedding, telling Fitzy and Wippa: "This poor girl," Schumer said.

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"This wedding everyone says, 'It's your day. It's your day.' She's like, 'No it's not.' She has to meet all these foreign dignitaries she's never met before, there's so much pressure."

Schumer added, "Can you imagine having a worse wedding? That would suck."


Schumer—who tied the knot at a rented house in Malibu with friends including Jennifer Lawrence and Judd Apatow—recently revealed that Adele almost officiated proceedings, as her wedding was so impromptu.

On Meghan's contrasting big day, she continued: "Her girls from high school aren't going to be there. All my friends were high and drunk at my wedding...Everyone is! It's like a parade, it's like Westminster Dog Show. It's all pomp."

The royal wedding has also been embroiled in family drama, as it's still not known whether Meghan's father Thomas Markle will be attending. The former lighting director reportedly pulled out after it was claimed he staged recent paparazzi photos, which left him feeling "deeply embarrassed".

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However, some press outlets have published derogatory articles about Thomas and his Mexico home, and he has also been hounded by paparazzi and reporters in the run up to the wedding.

It's now being reported that he has undergone a heart procedure, and so is unlikely to attend (via The Telegraph). In his absence, it's believed that Meghan's mother Doria Ragland will walk her down the aisle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry on Saturday, 19 May at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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