Prince William Loves a Good Frappuccino Just Like the Rest of Us

During his royal tour to Jordan, Palestine, and Syria, Prince William makes a frappuccino with students at Al Quds college​ in Amman​, Jordan. Watch the video here.

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Prince William is a busy guy. Currently, he's traveling around the Middle East on a royal tour to Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. In addition from the trip being historic (opens in new tab), one important revelation has come out of it: The Duke of Cambridge has a secret talent.

When he isn't recreating childhood photos of Kate Middleton (opens in new tab) or kicking back with the Crown Prince of Jordan to watch an England soccer match (opens in new tab), he's making frappuccinos with students at Al Quds college in Amman.

Yes, you read it here first—Prince William has a new occupation: barista. Video proof below.

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It looks like he's pouring caramel or chocolate syrup on top of the frap in a perfectly swirled motion. (@Starbucks, are you going to hire him?) He's intently focused, taking his time to perfect the final touches of the drink. It must be a lot of pressure to have four frappuccino experts watching your every swirl, but Will handles himself perfectly and finishes the frap off with a smile.

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I have a lot of questions, but here are the main ones:


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