Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Not Staying at Prince William and Kate Middleton's Sandringham Estate Over Christmas

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not stay with Prince William and Kate Middleton in Sandringham for Christmas. The Fab Four stayed together last year and the main house is reportedly cramped.

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You know those rumors that the royal Fab Four (opens in new tab)Prince William, Kate Middleton (opens in new tab)Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle (opens in new tab)—are feuding? They don't seem to be founded in any truth (at least according to insiders like Buckingham Palace (opens in new tab) and Kate herself (opens in new tab)), but don't expect them to go anywhere any time soon.

The latest piece of news fueling the feud flames (opens in new tab)?

Harry and Meghan are reportedly not staying with Will and Kate (and Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis) at the 10-bedroom Anmer Hall in Sandringham this Christmas.

Anmer Hall is the estate Queen Elizabeth gifted Will and Kate (opens in new tab) after their wedding in 2011.

So why does this add to the rumors of a feud? Well, first, Harry and Meghan (opens in new tab) apparently stayed with the Cambridges last year at Christmas (opens in new tab), so there's precedent for the assumption they would all stay together again this year (and Harry (opens in new tab) reportedly described the holiday arrangements as "fantastic"). Second, the main house, where Harry and Meghan (opens in new tab) will be staying instead, is reportedly "cramped," according to the Daily Mail (opens in new tab).

"In recent years, some of the more junior family members have found themselves billeted in servants' quarters, while others take over cottages on the Norfolk estate," the Mail (opens in new tab) wrote of the tight space constraints at Sandringham at Christmas (opens in new tab), where 30 or more of those closest to Queen Elizabeth are invited to spend the holidays with the monarch.

One royal source did offer a non-feuding explanation of the change to the Daily Mail, however: Harry and Meghan's marriage (opens in new tab) in May changed everything.

Per Daily Mail

There you have it—just more royal traditions confusing the rest of us.


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