Why Was Kirsten Dunst Crying on the Cannes Red Carpet?

The actress shed a few tears at the premiere of new film Beguiled.

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Sofia Coppola premiered her latest film, Beguiled, starring Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, and Colin Farrell.

Everything was going as it should—Coppola looked as nonchalantly chic as ever, Fanning wore another princess gown, a clean-shaven Colin Farrell scrubbed up very well in his tuxedo—until Dunst burst into tears on the red carpet.


While the actress has so far given no explanation for the outburst, it doesn't look like she was upset. Coppola and Fanning's smiling reactions suggest that these were happy tears. They gave her comforting looks as they walked the carpet together.


It's not the most relatable of issues, but perhaps Dunst just felt a little overwhelmed by the occasion and couldn't hold back. Or maybe she was bored to tears by press questions about what she was wearing. Or maybe her shoes were hurting. Regardless, all's well that ends well and Dunst wiped away her tears and got on with the group photos.


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