Meghan Markle’s Post-Baby Workout Routine Is Refreshingly Simple

And it involves her mom, Doria.

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  • Meghan Markle's post-baby workout is pretty simple, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl: She's taking it pretty easy.
  • She's reportedly not in any rush to hit the gym these days, which makes total sense considering she only had her and Prince Harry's son Archie a month ago.

    Meghan Markle had her baby Archie, like, four weeks ago, which means she's still adjusting to life as a mom. And apparently, part of that is adopting an incredibly chill post-baby workout routine.

    According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Meghan really loves being fit, but she's not in a rush to hit the gym super hard like she did before having a baby. She's taking time to focus on Archie.

    "She has been taking it easy," Nicholl said to ET. "And I hear that yoga is very much on her post-birth fitness regime, nothing too strenuous."

    Meghan's mom Doria, who is a yoga instructor, reportedly took up postpartum yoga and baby yoga specifically so she could teach Meghan, which has made up the majority of Meghan's fitness routine since having Archie.

    "That's all Meghan has been doing," Nicholl said. "And lots of proud walks around Windsor Great Park, so gentle exercise, but no hard training, no weights. She's apparently not in any hurry to ping back into shape. She's enjoying this time. She's being gentle to herself."

    As she should be! Basically, Meghan's giving her body a breather at the moment, like any new mom should feel allowed to do.

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    "As I say, the whole approach has been holistic; it has been gentle," Nicholl added. "It's been a natural embracing of motherhood, and with that has come a pretty gentle routine....Meghan hasn't been hitting the gym. She hasn't been in any hurry to get back in shape. It's only four weeks really since the birth and she's been taking that exercise regime very gently indeed."

    Good for you, Megs!

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