Kate Middleton Met With the Director of 'Love Actually' for a Special Project

Kate Middleton and Prince William are working with Richard Curtis on a new special project about mental health. Richard Curtis has worked on films like Love Actually and Notting Hill.

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Ooooh, I can't wait to find out what this is. Kate Middleton and Prince William are working with Richard Curtis on a new special project about mental health. Richard Curtis, in case you're unfamiliar, has worked on films like Love ActuallyNotting Hill, the OG Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Bridget Jones Diary. So the end product is going to look and sound gorgeous, whatever it is. 

There was an unannounced private visit between Kate and Richard Curtis just yesterday, which IMMEDIATELY had royal fans speculating excitedly about what that might mean. There really aren't many details yet, except that it's a project centered around mental health and will also include William. According to Daily Mail, "The Cambridges are contributing to a project Curtis is working on," so it may be something generated by the director. 

I'd love for this to be Kate's big acting debut (something else for her and Meghan to bond over!), but that seems...unlikely. If I had to guess, this is probably something more along the lines of a short film or documentary—but more details are likely coming, so we'll know for sure soon.

The Cambridges, with Prince Harry, started Heads Together in 2016, which aimed to open the conversation about mental health among friends and family members.

The pair continue to work on that initiative and other initiatives that center around mental health. Along with Harry and Meghan, they've also spoken about their own mental health challenges as part of their work to normalize these subjects publicly. The Cambridges met Richard Curtis in 2012 at the War Horse U.K. premiere, picture above. The director has spoken openly about the subject, including (content warning: suicide) his sister's death by suicide, and has said that more needs to be done in the area.

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