The Queen Had a Very LOL Comeback After Finding a Slug in Her Salad

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Although the royals take plenty of care to follow the Queen's lead when it comes to maintaining a relatively neutral public persona, we are occasionally treated to funny behind-the-scenes anecdotes that give an insight into their humour and little quirks too. Hey... we've all got 'em, right?

Some fun past examples include Meghan Markle's very witty Christmas gift to Prince William (which helped her to initially win over the family) and the long-standing rumour that the Queen eats cereal out of a Tupperware container each and every morning. Very royal indeed!

Now, we have another tidbit to add to our list of "Did you know?" stories to trot out in the pub (when they reopen 🙏 ) and it involves the Queen, some not-so-fresh salad leaves and a common garden pest: a slug.

In a book released at the end of last year, Long Live The Queen: 23 Rules for Living from Britain’s Longest-Reigning Monarch, by lifestyle and British-culture researcher, Bryan Kozlowski, it's alleged that Queen Elizabeth is generally a very easy person to cook for. It also claims that in spite of this, she still keeps a notepad on the table at mealtimes, just in case she has any feedback to pass on to the Palace chefs.

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'How we imagine Her Majesty’s face may have looked at the time'

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"Cooking for [her] is no trouble at all," Charles Mellis, who had a twelve-year stint in the royal kitchens, is quoted as saying. However, Kozlowski adds that there was one particular incident that left Her Royal Highness less than impressed—but which also presented her with the perfect opportunity to prank one of her members of staff.

"There was the odd moment, years ago, when a footman found a torn off page from the notepad, concealing a squashed slug inside," he writes. Shocked? Same—as was Queen Elizabeth, one might imagine. Kozlowski continues: "'I found this in my salad,' the Queen had scribbled on the pad. 'Could you eat it?'"

Now, the book is in no way authorized by Her Majesty or her royal team—so make of that tale what you will—but considering it gave us a good chuckle in lockdown, we're really hoping it's true.

Ten points to the Queen for being so quick with her comeback!


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