MC Cheatsheet: Lindsay's in Jail & Monkeys in His Undies

Anna: "I actually wasn't that interested in the whole Lindsay Lohan jail thing until it hit Twitter. This is my new favorite (fake) account." @LindsayInJail on Twitter

Erin: "Best headline of the day: 'Man Arrested with More Than a Dozen Monkeys in His Girdle.' Got my attention." Gawker

Sophia: "I could waste a scary amount of time on this hilarious site — real girls write in with their dating blunders. Check out the brutal 'I love you' retraction." Can I Get a Man With That

Jessica: "I heart Intern George." GoFugYourself

Kate: "If you didn't think Michelle Obama was the trendiest First Lady yet, check out her crazy-liberal pedicure." Grazia

Lauren: "Charice has Botox at the ripe old age of 18. Was she hoping it would make her feel 12 again?" The Daily Beast

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