MC Cheatsheet: Lena Dunham & Annoying Facebook Couples

Sophie: "We called this one! Lena Dunham, one of Marie Claire's 18 Women On Top honorees, continues to get raves for her feature film Tiny Furniture. So proud!" Lemondrop

Koryn: "Hilarious! The 'Top 5 Most Annoying Facebook Couples.' See if you're one ..." []

Kate: "The title of this post is 'How I Recovered from Brain Damage.' Nuff said." Lemondrop

Erin: "Would you care if your kid's teacher used to be a prostitute? That's what everyone's debating today. Meh, as long as she was a great teacher I wouldn't care what her past life was about. I mean, unless she was like a murderer or something, obvs." SF Gate

Anna: "Not joking: J.K. Rowling told Oprah today, 'I'm not gonna say I won't write any more Harry Potter books.' Is it insanely dorky to admit how fast my heart started beating when I saw that?" Gawker TV

Tell Marie Claire: What are you obsessed with today? Share your faves in the Comments section below!

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