Darling Ally: How Do You Take "Bad Timing" Out of the Dating Equation?

Meet Ally, Marie Claire's guest relationship blogger. She's no expert (though she's had enough experience to be one), but she tells it like it is.

If you've been reading, you know about my little incident with Donald last week. (Let's just say nothing will brighten up a day more than the casual-yet-awkward run-in with an ex.) I've read your comments and, I must say, it got me thinking about that list of past lovers we all have in our heads. I guess now I'm not just wondering who else might sit 30 pounds lighter from said list, but … is it now the right time for a potential past Mr. Right?

I'm sure sometimes we have all wondered that. Have I missed him and just haven't known it? Or better yet, was there one that for no apparent reason became the one that got away?

We have all heard that timing is everything in a relationship, but if you find the right person and fall in love, then shouldn't that inherently become the right time? It should be about the person, the relationship, and being in the moment — not waiting for the precise moment for every star to align properly.

Unfortunately, ladies, we have all heard that same old line about it being just "bad timing." But, um, what exactly are you waiting for? Let me guess… Is it when you hit 30 (or 35 or 40), you finally get that promotion and start living your American Dream, or is it when you finally tire of saying, "Can I buy you a drink?" every Friday and Saturday night?

If it's not the right time for a guy to commit, he needs to tell you that little detail before anyone starts thinking about those three little words.

So, call me crazy, but I just have this feeling that now is the right time for me and my one-who-got-away. There has to be a reason why I've been thinking about him so much lately.

So that's it... I'm going to try to find him.

Step 1: Facebook.

Step 2: … I have no idea.

What would you do?

Have a story about the one who got away? Or any ordinary relationship question? Ask Ally. She's no pro, but she'll give you her brutally honest opinion. And what girl doesn't want that now and then?

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