Darling Ally: Why do We Really Use Facebook?

Meet Ally, Marie Claire's guest relationship blogger. She's no expert (though she's had enough experience to be one), but she tells it like it is.

I've been doing a lot of thinking since my last post about tracking down my one who got away. Sure, I clearly don't have all the answers on what to do when you finally reconnect, but I can give you a few tricks of the trade to get him to notice you still exist. And best yet: It's way simpler than, say, not-so-casually strolling by his workplace to see if he happens to be outside. You can pounce on him (in the sexiest way possible, of course) without ever leaving the house. Yeah, it's called Facebook.

The ideal scenario: You are getting ready for work in the morning and you log in to get the latest gossip in your news feed. All of a sudden, that guy you used to date is now commenting on your friend's status update. Some will call this awkward, but I'd like to think of it as an opportunity.

Now is a good time to chime right in and tell your friend Stacy that you understand why she is so upset that her neighbor won't pick up her dog's s*#! from your front lawn. Congratulations, ladies, you have just planted the seed and your ex will receive his obligatory "Ally commented on Stacy's status" email.


The staged scenario: For this, you'll need a group of your very best girlfriends, a photo with you in the center where you look better than ever, and a (fake) Facebook identity of another man.

It all starts with the simple posting of a picture and a caption, something like "Ladies Night Out!" Your girlfriends will now start a conversation about how good you look in those leather pants and how much fun you had at that (fake) party.

Now that your cards are in play, the newly created (fake) Facebook identity will join in on the thread with a "Looks like fun, ladies, but I guess my invitation got lost in the mail! Haha :)" comment to raise your ex's eyebrows.

Yes, there are more tactics and scenarios, but these just happen to be a few I myself have stumbled upon. See, sometimes we have to do what's necessary to get the message across. So remember, ladies, take your time, pick your men wisely, and never be afraid to play the game a little dirty. Good luck and don't forget to like me on Facebook. I'll keep the tips coming!

Want more tips for Facebook flirting? Or any ordinary relationship question? Ask Ally. She's no pro, but she'll give you her brutally honest opinion. And what girl doesn't want that now and then?

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