Mindy Kaling Is Having the Best Birthday Week of All Time

It involves Vegas, Bart Simpson, and a private helicopter ride.

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Mindy Kaling turned 35 earlier this week, and to celebrate, she and her Mindy Project writing staff went to Las Vegas for what appears to be the most incredible birthday blowout ever. It's like The Hangover, but classy and with less punching.

First, she got a cute Charlotte Olympia clutch from her Fox bosses that I would very much like to borrow and forget to return:

Her writing staff surprised her with a private helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon:

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She hung out with Bart Simpson:

For cozy with some of my favorite Fox talent in #Vegas

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There was serious pool-lounging, complete with serious sun protection:

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Screw you, sun! Thanks @mirandapberman for the pic!

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She had a cake with an Eiffel Tower on top of it, because when you're Mindy Kaling, you can have any cake you want:

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Ariana Grande seems to have been sung:

She ate a very delicious-looking steak:

And then Mindy established a firm rule for her party guests:

Don't worry. I'm sure she'll invite you next year.


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