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Futuristically Speaking . . . Never Be Afraid (Domino) Thanks to a genius sound that fuses crunk with club, this female pair has earned street cred for rhymes that are both profound and profane. Dropping electro beats, the duo decries homophobia, materialism, and misogyny, hip-hop's most persistent evil. Download Now: "Club Action"


Un Dia (Domino) Argentine actress-turned-singer Molina makes atmospheric music, earning her comparisons to Björk. On her latest heady effort, captivating Spanish songs are mini symphonies best heard in empty spaces, where they envelop the room. Not bilingual? The emotional narrative says it all. Download Now: "Vive Solo"


Lenka (Epic) It's one thing for a song to take up residence in your head; it's another for it to start redecorating. As pop philosophizing goes, Lenka and her breathy voice are like a fresh coat of fuchsia on your walls: bracingly sweet, surprisingly cool, and a sure thing for those of us wanting a change. Download Now: "Wrote Me Out"


Only by the Night (RCA) Here's an existential crisis you can groove to. The Nashville rockers serve up fractious anthems; "Notion" ripples with soulful guitar jolts. Like a romantic Lou Reed, Caleb Followill's howls make desperation and alienation sexy—he's a junkie only for you, babe. Download Now: "Crawl"

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