Can't Stop, Won't Stop Listening to Four Tet's Remix of Sia's "Chandelier"

Your new summer groove.

Ever since Sia appeared on The Great Gatsby's nonpareil soundtrack, we've been obsessed with the Aussie pop singer's sound. Throughout her far-reaching career, the 38-year-old has worked behind-the-scenes with the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and more, but in recent years she's been striking out on her with wondrous results. Finally, the world is catching on.

Back in March, she unveiled her party anthem "Chandelier," to sparkling reception. Now, producer Four Tet, who recently put his spin on Lana Del Rey's "West Coast," stripped down the track, added a game-changing drumbeat, and swiftly created our new favorite summer groove. Upon first listen, you might think your ears are being graced with RiRi's latest offering. This is no coincidence as Sia originally penned the show-stopping number for the Barbadian singer. In the end, she decided to keep it for herself and we're certainly not complaining.

Listen, below, and look out for Sia's new album 1000 Forms Of Fear dropping July 8, as well as her work on the music for the forthcoming Annie remake hitting theaters Christmas day.

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