Pharrell's New Music Video is An Ode to the Ladies

There's no such thing as the modern Marilyn Monroe.

Sorry, Kanye West, but the new Marilyn Monroe isn't Kim Kardashian. In fact, she can't be defined at all, which is the overlying message in Pharrell's new music video for his track "Marilyn Monroe."

The video, directed by Luis Cervero, features all kinds of women. Naturally, these ladies are undeniably sexy (it is a Pharrell video after all), but none bare any significant resemblance to Monroe herself, symbolizing that the days of narrow-minded beauty ideals are behind us. In addition to the video's applause-worthy objective, it's truly a treat for the eyes and ears. Watch below, and find cameos from Kelly Osborne, Pharrell's wife Helen Lasichanh, and naturally, the famous Vivienne Westwood hat in four different eye-popping hues.

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