Recap: Blondie Live YouTube Concert

Last week, we wrote about Blondie's latest performance venture: a live YouTube concert on Wednesday, October 10, hosted by MC's Music Editor, Sergio Kletnoy.
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At last week's live YouTube concert, Blondie front woman Deborah Harry took to the stage wearing an all-black ensemble, her signature platinum locks worn super short and spiky — perhaps reminiscent of her earlier years with the band. Opening with their 1980 mega hit, "Call Me," Harry belted the song's four minutes and 17 seconds in a way that made us remember why that tune is still so popular, 32 years later.

Next playing "What I Heard" off their 2003 album, "Panic of Girls," it was clear that the remainder of their half hour-long set would be dedicated to their very best throughout their 38 years — and yes, that included "One Way or Another" from their third studio album, "Parallel Lines."

Sergio Kletnoy, MC's Music Editor, did what was, of course, a fabulous job moderating the Q&A with the band following the concert. In case you missed it live, watch the concert and Q&A in full:


And finally, Blondie is giving away three brand new tracks for free, right here.

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