Beyoncé at Halftime: A Bootylicious Bodysuit to Remember

After her lip-synching drama at President Obama's inauguration, everyone wondered what Beyoncé's halftime show at the Superbowl would be like. She's been criticized since her pre-recording confession, but last night's show buried all of that backlash. Not only did Beyoncé give name to what bloggers, fans, reporters, and music gurus are calling "the best halftime performance in years," but Destiny's Child also reunited on stage for a killer performance of their classic tunes "Independent Woman" and "Bootylicious".

Obviously her wardrobe was a huge factor in the halftime show, and she dazzled us with a Rubin Singer bodysuit, paired with Proenza Schouler booties and neutral fish-netted tights. Some were expecting Bey to go with Givenchy or Chanel, but she opted for the lesser known, New York based designer, who also designed the outfits for the 120 backup dancers and Destiny's Child companion Michelle Williams (in case you were wondering, Kelly Rowland was wearing Pucci).

Her leather ensemble proved a hit, causing cyberspace to buzz with talk of how amazing and, well, bootylicious, this superstar looked. It's safe to say Beyoncé's Superbowl performance has set the stage for a busy, exciting year to come — from the release of her documentary Life Is but a Dream on February 16 to her world tour, which she announced yesterday would begin in April. The tour is scheduled for 22 dates in the U.S., so no excuse to miss it. Last night should be incentive enough to purchase some advanced tickets!

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