Lindsay Lohan Is Threatening to Call the Cops on Her Mom for Selling Her Stuff

The market demands, Lindsay. The market demands.

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Lindsay Lohan's mother is allegedly running an online garage/yard/tag sale of Lindsay Lohan's valuable stuff, and Lindsay Lohan isn't happy about it.

According to TMZ (opens in new tab), the Oprah intervention recipient/permanent Londoner (opens in new tab) is threatening to call the police from afar to shut down Dina Lohan's operation, which involves unloading Lindsay's "clothing, furniture, artwork, etc." on the unsuspecting public.

Lindsay apparently believes the goods to be worth millions.

A cursory eBay search (opens in new tab) reveals little more recently posted LiLo memorabilia than a $3 poster from a German magazine, which I suppose could qualify as "artwork."

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