Anna Kendrick Goes Head-to-Head with John Krasinski in 'Lip Sync Battle,' Even Jennifer Lopez Gets Involved

Plus, Krasinski shakes it in a sparkly dress.

Update, 4/17: There are no words. From John Krasinski's "Bye, Bye, Bye" to Anna Kendrick's "Booty," it's kind of amazing. Take a look at all four of the performances (and don't miss Krasinski in a sparkly silver dress):

Original story, 4/16: In the newest clip for Lip Sync Battle on Spike—where all your favorite celebs have apparently picked up a new favorite hobby—Anna Kendrick does a beautiful rendition of One Direction's "Steal My Girl," and reveals that her girl is Emily Blunt, who also happens to be her opponent John Krasinski's wife. *burn*

Apparently Krasinski does give her a run for her money with Tina Turner's "Proud Mary," in which he wears a sparkly minidress. Stay tuned for that.

Watch the clip of Kendrick's stunt below:

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