Someone Reimagined 'Broad City' as 'Friends,' Laugh Track and All, And It's the Best Thing You'll See Today

"You're still in bed at ten and work began at eight" *clap, clap, clap, clap*

This is magical. A brilliant YouTube creator has finally answered that age-old question, "What would Broad City look like as an episode of Friends?" Answer? Like everything you'd want it to be.

Not only does the video mash-up the famous "I'll Be There For You" theme song/opener with scenes from the weedtastic show, but it also begins as an episode of Broad City set up just like Friends—laugh track included.

The two unfortunately won't be channeling Monica and Rachel in real life anytime soon—they're busy making things *happen*, like that untitled comedy project they sold to Fox and Paul Feig, the comedy mastermind who directed Bridesmaids and The Heat. (No word yet on who's starring, but if history is any indication, we'll put our money on a part for Melissa McCarthy.)

Watch the Friends/Broad City vid below:

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