If You Ever Spilled a Drink on Prince William, He'd Be Really Nice About It

For future reference.

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In some circles, if you were to spill a drink, you would be made to spin a punishment wheel that could result in you stripping naked and running around the perimeter of the frat house in which the party foul was committed. In other circles, AKA civilized society, you would be made to feel semi-okay about yourself even though you'd just doused a prince with alcohol like it was Sea World and he was sitting in the splash zone.

This is precisely what American jeweler Martin Katz did in 2008 when he met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge vacationing in Mustique, and he clearly still has his head, so everything obviously worked out.

"I was mortified, of course, but all I heard was, 'That was quite refreshing, thank you,'" Katz told People. "His mother would have been quite proud that he handled himself with such dignity. It was a very embarrassing moment for me, and he was very kind about it, and my wife never lets me forget that moment. I tried [to buy him a round], but I don't think he was partaking in any more rounds."

Well, they *are* known to be super chill/prone to random acts of cuteness when off-duty, which is only natural considering that they gave life to this full-time doer of squishy, adorable things.

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