Ryan Gosling's Dog Modeling Eva Mendes' Clothing Line = What Your Friday Needed

Watch your back, Cara.

Victor Hugo reader Eva Mendes has been designing a line for New York & Company since 2013, which is quite the feat given that most celebrity collaborations languish in the clearance section, then quietly fizzle out after two seasons max. What's the secret to her success? Oh, probably something to do with the fact that a 13-year-old mixed-breed dog named George can wear one of her punchy, vibrant dresses and bring to mind Veruschka circa 1968.

It's true that Ryan Gosling once called George the love of his life and took him on Jimmy Fallon for moral support, but that doesn't detract from Mendes's new pre-fall collection, particularly this nifty convertible turtleneck.

But still—it's not like we can't appreciate both, right?