Channing Tatum Photographs His Wife Topless and Makeup-Free, Proves A) She's Painfully Stunning B) He's Actually an Amazing Photographer?

Some People Are Perfect And That's Just Life 101.

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Channing Tatum is many things—actor, dancer, famously handsome guy. But apparently he's also an amazing photographer, which is kind of annoying because some people are good at every single thing they try and it's just so unfair. Anyway.

On a recent vacation in Cabo with wife Jenna Dewan Tatum (who is also a multi-hyphenate: actor, dancer, gorgeous woman), he "insisted" on photographing her topless and makeup-free. 

The result is not at all what you'd expect from the description above—it's not cheesy, it's not even scandalous. It's gorgeous. And artistic. And you should see it:

Yeah, I know. Some people, man. 

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