St. Vincent Takes Up Waitressing, Will Serve You Tacos and Margaritas

She won't sing for your supper, but she'll bring it to you.

 St. Vincent
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Second only to St. Vincent giving us a private concert, we can't imagine anything cooler than having her serve us tacos and margaritas. 

Alas, we could only hope to be so lucky as the patrons of Resident Taqueria, a new shop in Dallas opened up by the singer's sister and brother-in-law. According to eye witnesses, St. Vincent was popping around the restaurant doing normal waitress stuff, like clearing tables, restocking Topo Chico, refilling the napkin dispenser, and chatting with hungry customers.

Opening a new restaurant can be a scary business, but the mere chance of getting face time with Ms. Annie Clark herself, will surely have lines around the block.

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