Happy Friday: Liam Hemsworth Strips in This New 'Dressmaker' Clip

We are all Kate Winslet's reaction.

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Chris Hemsworth may be Thor, but to us, Liam Hemsworth is a true hero. Why? 1) Because he's classy AF when he talks about his ex. 2) He encourages his friends to really put all their effort into something—even if it's just stuffing marshmallows into their face. 3) Uh, have you seen the newest clip for The Dresssmaker? Yeah. We'll take it from here:

We're not the only ones given a lasting impression of Liam. Kate Winslet's 15-year-old daughter was jealous of her mom when she heard she'd be filming sex scenes with Hemsworth. (Uh, don't blame ya, kid.) Winslet admitted that her daughter "spluttered" when she found out that they'd be filming the scenes, and that Mia is a true Hunger Games fan. (If I was Mia, this is where I'd say: Mommmm, you're embarrassing me!)


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