Kate Beckinsale and Her Husband Are Done, Love Continues to Be Dead, This Is All Adele's Fault

"Hello from the other side." —Kate Beckinsale, probably

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Look at your life, look at your choices, Cupid. On the very same day that news of Kylie Jenner and Tyga's breakup (opens in new tab) shook the very core of humanity, Kate Beckinsale and her husband, Len Wiseman, appear to have parted ways.

The couple—who met on the set of Underworld in 2003—have reportedly been separated for several months, though a source tells People (opens in new tab) that they're still on good terms: "There has been no drama. It's just not Kate's style." 

Wiseman and Beckinsale grew apart thanks to their complicated schedules, and People claims that Wiseman has been spending time with a model in Los Angeles. Meanwhile,"Kate is not dating and only focused on her daughter and work."

Neither Wiseman nor Beckinsale have released a statement about their relationship status, but it should be noted that this news comes on the same day of Adele's album release. How many more relationships will crumble in the wake of 25? Only time will tell. 

*Eats pint of ice cream, begins weeping*

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