Brad Pitt Is Trying to Bring His '90s Hair Back

And those glasses, apparently.

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Brad Pitt is a man of many hair transformations. And, because he loves us/is a nostalgic tease, he dusts off the occasional oldie-but-goodie. Case in point: The actor took it old school at the premiere of the Big Short this week with shaggy hair and squared-off glasses that look *very* '90s Brad.

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Seriously, where's Gwyneth?

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(Just kidding, Angie. We would never.)

The new movie, co-starring Ryan Gosling and based on the best-selling book by Michael Lewis, tells the true story of a group of outsiders who see the 2008 real-estate crash coming, and by betting against it, they make out with a ton of money—thanks to some scheming and a big loophole AKA the Big Short. The film hits theaters December 11.

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