Kate and Will's Relationship Is So Solid He Can Make Jokes About Her Flirting with Other Men

It was for charity!

Kate Middleton and Prince William.
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While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were getting their Wolf of Wall Street on (as in they were brokering deals for Charity Day, not doing lines of coke off hookers' butts), Prince William overheard his wife on the phone getting, shall we say, a little friendly with one particular trader, Us Weekly reports (opens in new tab).

Kate Middleton laughs hysterically during a phone conversation.

Kate being friendly as Elphaba feeds her lines

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"Catherine, I think you can stop flirting with them now!" he teased, turning to a nearby dude probably wearing a pinstripe suit. "Sorry, my wife is just embarrassing me!"

Hey, man—whatever it takes to make a sale. But also, Prince William must have been in a jovial mood Wednesday, for, at one point, he was overheard yelling at another client "Is that all, James? Is that all you can do?!"

Kate Middleton and Prince William talk into phone handsets.

I SAID £400 MILLION, YOU $^*%!!

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