North West Isn't Mad About Having to Share Everything with a Brother Now

There are enough baby Yeezys to go around.

Kim with North West
(Image credit: Getty)

Fluffing her mink chubby and taking a gulp from her sippy cup (apple juice, straight up), North West surveyed the scene contentedly. Even with Saint's arrival, she still had Kim and Kanye wrapped around her little finger. Easy.

The eldest West kid is adapting well to having another, possibly cuter sibling to contend with and is even "excited to be a big sister," a source tells E! News.

"They know it can take a little bit for a child to adjust" the insider said. "[North] is by Kim's side every day and daddy's little girl, so she seems to be adjusting great."

The source also said the infant came out not looking like a Drake-Gary Coleman hybrid as predicted, which should come as a relief to Kanye when he goes to change Saint's diaper at 4 a.m. 

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