New Year, New Guy: Miranda Lambert Officially Has a New Boyfriend

Said boyfriend = Anderson East.

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So many things happened during Miranda Lambert's holiday season. 1) She followed her ex-husband's new girlfriend (opens in new tab), Gwen Stefani, on Twitter, causing the internet to take a million screenshots. And 2) She started exclusively seeing Nashville musician Anderson East.

"Miranda has been dating for the past few months but recently starting having eyes for only one guy—that guy being Anderson," a source tells E! News (opens in new tab). "It's still all pretty new and she is just enjoying getting to know him."

Miranda knows what she does and doesn't "want in a man" due to her past relationships (ahem, Blake shade), and thinks Anderson "is a total stud," which is Southern for "total catch."

"Anderson is a complete gentleman!" the source says. "Miranda gets butterflies with Anderson."

It's so great to see Miranda moving on with such a fine fella. And one with such good taste in tight black t-shirts.

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