Rob Kardashian Reportedly Hospitalized with Diabetes


Rob Kardashian
(Image credit: Getty Images)

While Lamar Odom appears to be on the mend following his health crisis, another member of the Kardashian family has been hospitalized. Rob Kardashian was reportedly (opens in new tab) rushed to hospital and diagnosed with diabetes after feeling sick over the weekend. 

Rob is only 28-years-old, and has largely stayed out of the public eye after gaining over 100 pounds and battling what People (opens in new tab) reports as "depression, weight-issues, and low-self esteem."

Rob's struggle has been chronicled on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, with Kris Jenner expressing deep concern for her son. "I feel like if I don't help him do something drastic that he's gonna die," she said. 

The family attempted to find a treatment plan for Rob and even threatened to cut him off. "You leave every facility we take you to, so what's the right way?" Khloe said during an emotional moment on the show. "Just accept the f––king help."

As of now, Rob has been stabilized—though he remains in the hospital. 

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Mehera Bonner
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