Brangelina Are Paying a Casual $21,000 per Month for Their New London Apartment

That's the cost of 1,500 pizzas, for those of you doing the 🍕 math.

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have moved their nomadic herd of adorable children to London, where they've taken up residence in an eight-bedroom home. And obviously "home" = "giant mansion." In any case, the new digs have been described (opens in new tab) as White House-style, which we can only assume means it's populated by the ghosts of U.S. presidents past...?

Brad and Angie are in England for production on World War Z 2, and their crib (people still use that word, right?) does *not* come cheap. Reports say (opens in new tab) the couple are throwing down a cool $21,000 a month for the Surrey home.

To be fair, the place has an indoor pool and is just 40 minutes from George Clooney's house, and honestly who wouldn't pay $21k to be 40 minutes away from George? No one, that's who. 

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