Kristen Bell Tells the Harrowing Story of Her Boob Fight with Melissa McCarthy

"We were a little bit bruised."

Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy now have one of the greatest most interesting bonds two people can have—they've seen the ladybits and touched each other's boobs. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel to promote her movie The Boss (also starring McCarthy), the actress explained just how intimate the two had to get for these roles.

"Quite honestly I might have cheated on my husband with Melissa McCarthy," Bell jokes. (Bell is married to Dax Shepard, who actually has an improv history with McCarthy.) "Boobs are funny to begin with, but it's such a funny scene because we were just whapping and slapping each other's boobs all around."

When asked if that hurt (um, obviously), Bell remarked: "Oh sure, yeah. We were a little bruised—but we were laughing so hard."

And isn't that the best way to end a boob fight? 

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Samantha Leal
Samantha Leal

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