Kit Harington Answers Questions About Jon Snow's Fate, Remains Adorable/Infuriating

He knows the opposite of nothing.

Rachel Erin

Kit Harington is trotting around the globe trying to convince side-eyeing Game of Thrones fans that Jon Snow is dead, and frankly everyone's had enough. It's like, whatever, Kit Harington. At the very least Jon Snow is alive and frolicking with dire wolf puppies in our hearts, mmmk?

Anyway, Jonathan Ross has had it up to here (pointing at our heads) with the actor's bummer musings on Jon Snow's fate, and subjected him to mild electric shock every time he gave a less-than-ideal answer during their recent interview.

Spoiler alert: he got shocked a lot.

*Prays that Ghost John Snow rises from the ashes like a beautiful emo Phoenix*

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