Kate Middleton Went on a 5-Hour Hike and Didn't Even Perspire, What Did You Do Today?

"There wasn't a single trail of sweat."—eyewitness.

Prince William and Kate Middleton stand together in a forest clearing.
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Kate Middleton and Prince William are still wandering around India and Bhutan on vacation (by which we mean frolicking with adorable baby animals and looking flawless), and they decided to partake in a five-mile hike up the Himalaya mountains. 

You might think Kate's attire for such an event would be something resembling athleisure, but please. Kate is a princess, and dresses like one even when in the wilderness. Just look how impressed William is with her shoes:

Kate Middleton and Prince William dressed for the outdoors.

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The couple ended up running into a trio of hikers from California while on their jaunt, who mentioned that a) they were "absolutely charming," b) "There wasn't a single trail of sweat," and c) when asked for a photo they "just laughed and wouldn't do it." 

They did, however, agree to sit for this lovely picture whilst perched atop a lucky rock whose life will never be the same:

Kate Middleton and Prince William sit on a cliff edge wall with a forest backdrop behind them.

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More importantly, this happened:

Prince William and Kate Middleton place an arm around one another as they walk along a hiking trail.

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Dead from royal cuteness. RIP our hearts.

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