Rachael Ray's "Sorry the Beyhive Wants You Dead" Gift to Rachel Roy Might Be the Best Thing to Come Out of the

Close second to the "Beyoncé's wearing her skin" meme.

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New national holiday concept c/o Rachael Ray: Every year on the anniversary of Lemonade, we give each other bottles of wine and straws to commemorate probably the roughest case of mistaken identity in recent internet history.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Ray, Food Network star and 10/10 not Jay Z's side chick, told the story of how she gave Rachel ROY the aforementioned thoughtful gift after the "Becky with the good hair" drama reached a six on the sh*tstorm scale. Roy, in turn, sent flowers, which is chic and classic but definitely not as helpful in a crisis as alcohol + alcohol delivery system.

But how can we monetize this? Because lord knows there's a largely untapped market of people who've been personally victimized by the Beyhive.

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