Kate Middleton Boxes for Charity in Most Royal Way Possible

*Removes tiara, puts on boxing gloves*

Getty Images

Like Princess Diana before her, Kate Middleton seems keen on making a tangible difference in the world, and we're totally here for it. The duchess teamed up with Prince Harry and Prince William to bring awareness to mental health issues with the launch of Heads Together, and now she's boxing her way into our hearts.

Obviously, this is a great reminder that physical activity is good for the body/mind, and an equally great reminder that Kate Middleton is awesome. But let's not forget about Prince Harry and Prince William, who also put up their dukes in the name of mental health awareness.

*Pssst: please grab some smelling salts in the event that you swoon onto your keyboard.

Special shoutout to the dude in the brown sweater who's clearly firing off a million Instagrams. 🙏

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