President Obama Serenading Malia on Her Birthday Is the Most Patriotic Thing Ever

We are all Kendrick Lamar in this video.

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President Obama's Fourth of July > everyone else's Fourth of July, including Taylor Swift's. While Taylor was busy screen-printing questionable tank tops for Tom Hiddleston, POTUS celebrated Independence Day with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae, and took time out of his Cool Dad schedule to sing Malia Obama "Happy Birthday." Because—much like Tom Cruise—this Harvard-bound girl was born on the Fourth of July.

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Sigh, doesn't this totally remind you of that time your dad was president and sang "Happy Birthday" to you? Same. And by the way, Obama also had some important things to say about the country:

"We enjoy the hotdogs, we enjoy the burgers, we enjoy the barbecue, we enjoy the day off for a lot of us, we enjoy the fireworks. But it's important to remember what a miracle this country is. How incredibly lucky we are that people, generations ago, were willing to take up arms and fight for our freedom. And then people, inside this country, understanding that there were imperfections in our union and were willing to keep on fighting on behalf of extending that freedom to all people and not just some."

Amen to that. Especially the part about freedom and enjoying hot dogs.

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