Here's Author Cheryl Strayed's Reaction to That 'Wild' Tribute in 'Gilmore Girls' (Hint: She Cried)

Oh, and Reese Witherspoon chimed in, too.

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Assuming you've watched the Gilmore Girls revival (opens in new tab) (if you haven't, get thee to a Netflix account), you know that Lorelai Gilmore treated herself to a Wild-style hike so she could figure a few things out. Actually, both the book by Cheryl Strayed and the movie starring Reese Witherspoon got big-time shout outs on Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life—and nope, Strayed had no idea it was coming.

The author was completely shocked that Lorelai had an entire narrative surrounding her memoir, and said she cried while watching the episode with her daughter.

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Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon had this to say:

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Too many meta pop culture moments to handle.

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