Hi, Please Enjoy Your Boyfriend Idris Elba Rapping the Weirdest Version of "Baby Got Back" Ever

AKA what happens when Jimmy Fallon and Google Translate come together.

Idris Elba, man who should definitely be the new James Bond (opens in new tab) so don't even, just showed up on The Tonight Show, where he completely killed it rapping the Google Translate version of songs. In a ranking of glorious Idris Elba moments, this is definitely top five material.

Obviously the best moment was Elba singing "Baby Got Back," the Google lyrics of which included: "I love large saplings, that is the truth! A few of your siblings were here. That woman showed up and has small hips with a sleeve around your head!"

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Oh, and also shout out to Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You," which translates to "I'll place kindness on you."

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