Chill Mom Angelina Jolie Is Totally Down with Her Kids Working in Hollywood

A true family business.

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Unlike some other celebrities who would never date another actor, let alone permit their children to dive headlong into that wood-chipper they call show biz, Angelina Jolie fully supports her kids pursuing filmmaking as a career. And why not? At 13 and 16, her sons Pax and Maddox have already worked on  (opens in new tab)First They Killed My Father, a Netflix film that just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.


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"Maddox worked hard. It's up to him," Jolie said in an interview with E! News (opens in new tab). "This [film] is very important to him, but I think so." And while Pax "did a lot of the stills" (opens in new tab) and Maddox executive-produced the adaptation of human rights activist Loung Ung's memoirs, Jolie said she'd be supportive of all her brood jumping on the movie-making bandwagon. "I might dream. If I am to continue to be in this business, I'd love to work with my children if they choose to be in this business."

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Previously, Maddox worked as a production assistant on By the Sea—which Jolie directed and starred in alongside Brad Pitt (opens in new tab)—meaning a teen's CV is way more stacked than yours. First They Killed My Father opens in theaters and Netflix on September 15.

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