Rumored Celebrity Couples We *Hope* Are Real

Fingers crossed, people. Fingers crossed.

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The celebrity couple rumor mill is always churning. While it's mostly tittle-tattle, there are certain romance "news" items that, in our heart of hearts, we're dying to be true. From co-stars with unbelievable chemistry to sure-to-be-legendary duos, here are the pairs that we have our fingers crossed for.

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Justin Theroux and Aubrey Plaza

Justin Theroux and Aubrey Plaza were spotted hanging out in New York City over the weekend. According to photos from the Daily Mail, the two were walking around the West Village together.

Back in 2010, Theroux guest starred in a few episodes of Parks & Recreation, alongside Plaza. It's been a little over a month since Theroux and Jennifer Aniston announced they were getting a divorce.

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Justin Theroux and Petra Collins

Justin Theroux is rumored to be dating artist Petra Collins following his recent split with Jennifer Aniston. A source told the Daily Mail that"Justin and Petra have been carrying on for some time. He insists that they’re just 'friends,' but he seems obsessed with her, and Jen isn’t buying it."

Theroux and Collins were spotted together in early February, on his Instagram, wearing Adam Selman shirts. Another big clue to the puzzle: Selena Gomez reportedly just unfollowed Collins on Instagram. Gomez is good friends with Aniston—so, this could be the biggest indicator that Theroux is on the rebound.

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January Jones and Nick Viall

January Jones and Nick Viall—yes, the guy from The Bachelor—are rumored to be dating...for two months now (!!!), a source told the New York Post. The pair met last year on James Corden's The Late Late Show.

"Nick had reached out to her and tried to get her to lip-sync battle with him. She declined, but then he asked her out to a drink and she accepted," the source said. "They've been seeing each other since." Viall recently split from his fiancée, Vanessa Grimaldi, who he had proposed to during season 21 of the reality TV show.

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David Harbour and Alison Sudol

David Harbour—or you may know him better as Jim Hopper from Stranger Things— and Alison Sudol—who plays Queenine Goldstein in Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them—were spotted getting cozy together at the 2018 Golden Globes after-party. Harbour and Sudol arrived to the awards show in the same vehicle, but didn't walk the red carpet together. The rumored-couple did reunite once inside, sitting at the same table. Just a few days before, Harbour was seen exiting the BAFTA Tea Party with Sudol. A source told Us Weekly, "They left arm in arm. Alison was teasing and joking with him. They seemed very much like a couple."

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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin

Sources have confirmed Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin are dating, but we still haven’t *officially* received word of the news from the rumored couple themselves. The Fifty Shades of Grey star and Coldplay singer even made a trip to Israel together last month, so clearly they’re pretty close. Martin was formerly married to Gwyneth Paltrow for 13 years.

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Katy Perry and The Weeknd

Fresh off the heels of a breakup with Selena Gomez, The Weeknd reportedly had a dinner date with Katy Perry Monday night at an Italian restaurant in L.A. Though they could *just* be friends, the timing is interesting following Gomez’s *very* public outings with her ex-turned-current-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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Dakota Johnson and Jon Hamm

The two were spotted grabbing drinks in the Viceroy Central Park hotel on Thursday night and "seemed to really be enjoying each other’s company," according to Page Six. Really good friends or something more? Either way, we're here for it.

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Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn

The photos sure make it look like the "Too Good at Goodbyes" singer and the 13 Reasons Why actor are an item. We ship it.

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Jenny Slate and Jon Hamm

According to Lainey Gossip, Jenny Slate and Jon Hamm were caught leaving a movie together last week. They have apparently been friends for a while, but who's to say a Slate-Hamm connection is out of the question? We can all agree that this potential couple is a dream we never quite knew we had.

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Bella Thorne and Scott Disick

According to Entertainment Weekly, Thorne and Disick went on the greatest dinner date of all time in that it was actually two dinners in one. After Dinner #2, they listened to live music, then left in the self-proclaimed "f*cked-up, horrible sex addict's" car.

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Harry Styles and Tess Ward

"Quirky fashion and food"—relationships have been built on less, but according to a source speaking to the Sun, there's something more going on here between the pop star and the model/blogger. "This really seems different to Harry's past relationships, as Harry genuinely is besotted with Tess and doesn't want to risk messing this one up." 🤔

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Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton

Does Nancy end up with Jonathan after all?The Stranger Things co-stars kept coy but definitely continued to fuel dating rumors after attending the MTV Movie Awards together. The pair have been rumored to be dating since earlier this year.

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Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett

According to E! News, the actress is reportedly dating Arnett, vocalist in the indie pop quartet Milo Greene. In 2014, she broke off her engagement to Narcos star Boyd Holbrook, so yes, there would appear to be life after love.

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Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix

In a truly modern love story, Mary Magdalene costars Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix are reportedly dating, Page Six reports. They are apparently in so deep they both skipped the Golden Globes to "hole up in the desert" at a spa, where they presumably enjoyed couple's colonics massages. Phoenix's rep denied the romance report, maintaining they're just friends.

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Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent

Update, 12/15: And in today's round of romantic musical chairs, Cara and Annie were spied at a museum in Los Angeles. Back on? Not a bad spot to stage a reconciliation, because you can't yell at each other.

Update, 6/19: In an interview with Vogue, Delevingne confirms she's in a relationship with St.Vincent and we are so very happy for them. "I think that being in love with my girlfriend is a big part of why I'm feeling so happy with who I am these days," she says. "And for those words to come out of my mouth is actually a miracle."

Original Post, 5/12: They have yet to confirm anything, but the supermodel and art rocker have stepped out together on several occasions. Just last month, amid rumors of a "breakup" to their non-official relationship, Delevingne tweeted: "I am very much in love." We're waiting with bated breath in hopes the two creatives are 1) 100% together 2) Making sweet music together and 3) Raiding each other's closet.

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Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart (who has been linked to St. Vincent) and Stella Maxwell (who has been connected to Miley Cyrus) played pool in Savannah, Georgia. And that concludes another round of celebrity-dating pickup sticks.

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Demi Lovato and John Mayer

The two crooners were seen getting friendly at a party in Los Angeles over the weekend, with Mayer spotted with his arm around the 24-year-old, whispering while she laughed, according to sources. "She was into it. They weren't making out or anything, but she was giggling the whole time," a source told Us Weekly. The two left separately, but who knows—this could be a new bullet point to finally figuring out exactly who John Mayer is, amirite?

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Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

Seems JLaw might have a new beau! According to People, the actress is reportedly "casually" seeing director Darren Aronofsky—you might know him as the director of Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream. The two were spotted together in August, after collaborating on a movie together—the as yet Untitled Darren Aronofsky project.

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Calvin Harris and Eiza Gonzalez

Putting your hand in the crook of a dude's arm used to be pretty SOP in the olden days, but now it's like "WHOA. They're dating!" as demonstrated by the reaction to this photo of Calvin Harris and actress Eiza Gonzalez exiting a friend's party together in such a position. According to a source speaking to People, they are, in fact, "talking and hanging out." Chill.

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Rihanna and Drake

The dream couple we're so ready for—after the curve to end all curves at the VMAs, we thought it was game over for Drake and RiRi. But it looks like Drake's long game may have paid off—Entertainment Tonight is reporting that the two are "officially" an item. No word from the duo yet, so we're just sitting here keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed.

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Hailey Baldwin and Drake

Hanging out twice in two days—that's kind of a lot for "just friends," as a source told E! News. After reportedly attending Drake's free-for-all Memorial Day pool party, the model and singer had dinner and partied together in Los Angeles. There's also this Snapchat of them using the dog filter together, the significance of which is up to your interpretation.

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Kylie Jenner and Party Next Door

Shortly after Kylie Jenner and Tyga's most recent split, the reality star has been spotted hanging out with rapper PartyNextDoor (née Jahron Anthony Brathwaite) and has even snapped a few videos with him on her Snapchat. The 22-year-old is originally from Canada and is one of Drake's musical protégés, which is likely how Jenner and PND met since Drake lives in the same Calabasas neighborhood as the Kardashian-Jenners. Neither have confirmed that they are an item, but a recent set of Snapchats make it seem like they are most definitely together.

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Rihanna and Drake

Update, 5/6: I mean, when the whole world's like "NOW KISS," you do? According to a source speaking with People, Rihanna and Drake have given in to the love that's always been there between them and begun seeing each other—or "secretly dating for months," as the tipper put it. We swear, if this isn't true...

Original: It's common knowledge that these two are old flames (remember that love triangle with Chris Brown?) and we can't help but think there's been no love lost between them. Musical connection aside, these two are consistently spotted together at their go-to spots, partying at all hours of the night. It doesn't strike us as mere coincidence.

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Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson

Update, 4/19: Over the weekend at Coachella, Kendall Jenner let Jordan Clarkson leap-frog over her head, which we suppose is one way you can tell things are heating up, as People put it. "They keep things low-key when they're in public, but in private they're very much together and affectionate," a source said. "He's really into her."

Original, 4/1: According to a source speaking with People, the model and the 23-year-old Lakers player have been low-key dating for months. "He is super sweet and a total gentleman and Kendall loves that," he/she/it said, also suggesting that rumored BF Harry Styles has commitment issues "like any other young rock star." Which means Selena was at least telling a version of the truth.

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Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas

Update, 2/12: Are they? Aren't they? After being linked with Lily Collins, Nick Jonas was seen with Kate Hudson at Pace restaurant in LA, where they sat and hung out for four hours on the patio. "They were among the last patrons to leave the restaurant just after midnight, and were then seen leaving together in a limo SUV," a source told People. He earlier told Complex magazine that how he had a "beautiful connection" with Hudson—so, there you go.

Update, 1/6: TMZ spotted Hudson and Jonas patronizing a California ski town Starbucks on Monday. Cute fur trapper hat and braids. No comment on the rest.

Update, 10/16: The two were seen hanging out again, this time at the NYC hotspot Up&Down. When questioned about the relationship previously on a radio show, Jonas answered: "I'm not going to get mad at you, but I'm also not going to talk about it. I keep some things to myself." Hmmmm...

Original: Hudson, who was previously linked to Derek Hough, and Jonas spent practically the entire weekend together and there are Twitter pics to prove it. In just two day's time, the pair—13 years apart in age—hit Disney World, Jonas's show at the House of Blues in Orlando, and went for brunch in Miami. According to TMZ's source, they're not dating, but have absolutely hooked up.

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Lily Collins and Nick Jonas

Well, to be fair, "beautiful connection" doesn't exactly mean "together forever." According to Us Weekly, Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson are no more—it's Nick Jonas and Lily Collins now, ever since the longtime friends "spent the night laughing together" at an L.A. bowling alley in January. Crucial quote, though: "Right now it's not exclusive."

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Courteney Cox and Will Arnett

After splitting from her fiancé last month, Courteney and Will were seen grabbing dinner at the Palm Restaurant in Beverly Hills. A source tells People they're "just friends" but, let's be honest, isn't that always the story? They left separately, but Cox was seen picking up Arnett just down the street.

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Rihanna and Travis Scott

After they were spotted getting cozy during a night of clubbing at L.A.'s 1OAK, Rihanna and Travis Scott have caused the Internet to ask: Are they or aren't they? Confirmation may never come—and that's okay. As long as we at least get a sick song collab out of whatever relationship is going on here; whether that's romantic or simply platonic.

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

The Voice co-judges might be more than just that. E! reports that the two have been spending a lot of time together lately, while also revealing blurry photos that speak to some PDA while attending the Maroon 5 Halloween Party in California. We say? They could just be looking to each other for support. Both Shelton and Stefani have recently separated from the partners after four and 13 years of marriage, respectively.

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