16 Photos of Celebrities Having the Best Time Eating Pasta

Because who doesn't love a spaghetti selfie.

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Celebrities and carbs aren't exactly synonymous, but if a Hollywood star is going to make a dietary exception, chances are it's going to be for a big plate of spaghetti. From Ms. Everything-You-See-I-Owe-to-Pasta Sophia Loren to hero Chrissy Teigen, here are a slew of celebrities living their best life with pasta.

<p>In 1952.</p>
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Frank Sinatra

In 1952.

<p>In 1959.</p>
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Spaghetti Queen Geraldine Lynton

In 1959.

<p>In 1962.</p>
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Hayley Mills

In 1962.

<p>In 1964.</p>
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Sophia Loren

In 1964.

<p>In 1966.</p>
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Senta Berger

In 1966.

<p>In 1959.</p>
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Romy Schneider

In 1959.

<p>In 1969.</p>
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Catherine Spaak and Claudia Cardinale

In 1969.

<p>In 1975.</p>
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Gene Simmons

In 1975.

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Julianne Hough

In 2013.

<p>In 2013.</p>
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Jenny McCarthy

In 2013.

<p>In 2013.</p>
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Sofia Vergara

In 2013.

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Lea Michele

In 2014.

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Drew Barrymore

In 2015.

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Chrissy Teigen

In 2015.

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Lady Gaga

In 2015.

<p>In 2016.</p>
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Dakota Fanning and Jimmy Fallon

In 2016.

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