On Tonight's Project Runway: No One Was Eliminated!

In a shocking twist for the show, contestants faced two challenges and no one was asked to leave the runway!

In one of the best episodes of the season, Project Runway delivered a first for the series: two challenges and two runway looks. The first challenge saw contestants taking inspiration from a butterfly farm to create an avant-garde look, from which the best pieces were created by Justin and Bradon. The next challenge gave contestants the chance to re-work a garment created by ex-contestants.

There was plenty of emotion in this episode, with Justin choosing to re-work the dress that saw him get eliminated, a piece that Heidi Klum called "'hideous," and Helen having a minor meltdown over her avant-garde look.

In another shock decision from the judges—which included actress Emmy Rossum—NO contestants were asked to leave the runway this week. While Bradon and Dom were skilled enough to secure places at New York Fashion Week, Helen, Justin, and Alexandria must battle it out for the last spot. And so, the competition continues!

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