The 'Westworld' Cast Doesn't Know Episode Order
"They were filmed in a sequence designed to completely disorient [us…
What to Know About the 'Charmed' Reboot

The Power of Three will set us free.

This Startup is Helping Survivors of Domestic Violence Regain Independence

FreeFrom is helping survivors recover financial freedom.

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A Cool-Girl's Guide to Detroit

Meet the three feminist artists who'll be your tour guides.

The 'Scandal' Crew on Their Favorite Scenes of All Time

As we say a teary goodbye to Olivia Pope, the people behind your favorite show take us on a trip down memory lane.

There’s a New, Nicer Regina George on Broadway—But Is That Better?

She's definitely still a Mean Girl, but she's also not a one-dimensional "scum-sucking road whore" either.

Mariska Hargitay Just Made a Documentary That's Like a Real-Life 'SVU' Episode

There are more than 200,000 rape kits in the U.S. that have never been tested. 'I Am Evidence' sheds light on the problem.

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The Most Iconic Movie Quotes the Year You Were Born

But you probably know every single one.

Leonardo DiCaprio Saw Coachella in 3D

All the better to see Beyoncé with?

SNL Spoofs 'Wild Wild Country' and It's Perfect

They brought back a Saturday Night Live alum to help out.

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An Exhaustive List of Things That Made Me Cry This Week

11. Accidentally stepping on a dog’s paw on the sidewalk.

The Latest Trailer for 'Ocean’s 8' Is Here and the Wait for This Movie Is Officially Unbearable

"$16.5 million dollars in each of your bank accounts five weeks from now." SOLD.

The Perils of Having an Infamous Name Twin

Both of these women are Elizabeth Holmes. Only one of them committed fraud.

This Is Exactly What Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Dies

The plan is code-named: "London bridge is down."

'SNL' Perfectly Captured Your Relationship with Leggings in This Fake Commercial

The "pro-chiller" leggings are here—for what you actually use leggings for.

'Black Panther' Has Smashed 'Titantic's Box Office Record

It just became the third highest-grossing movie of all time.

This Is What Kate Middleton Will Wear to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding

Our predictions for the event of the year (along with the royal baby's birth, of course).

22 Sweet Photos of Prince Philip with His Grandchildren

Including Wills, Harry, and the Duke's grandchildren-in-law.