I Need a Timeout

This past weekend all I wanted to do was nothing. Nothing. No late night parties, no happy hours, no bar hopping. I just wanted to read a good book and get to bed early. But on Friday night, I found myself lying to people, telling them I was sick or going out of town because no one could believe that I just wanted to stay in. Some accused me of being anti-social; others thought I was trying to avoid them. Why isn't it okay to just relax sometimes?

Consider the new group started by DC women called Success in the City. Their core belief: Network while doing the things we love, like shopping or going to spas. On an outing to a resort, one woman was able to land a new client between massages. Yes, women can network during mani/pedis, but does that mean we should?

Daily Dishers: Between all your professional and social responsibilities, what do you do to relax?

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